a book cover and a review

A few years ago, I wrote a story for a book called The Far Tower: Stories for W.B. Yeats. It quickly sold out, so you can’t buy it, but take a look at that gorgeous cover! I adored John Coulthart’s work on it, so during a discussion of the cover for my new collection, I suggested him if he was available and willing. He was both, and he wrote this lovely blog post on how he conceived the cover idea. I’m so in love with the idea of my book as the entrance to a monstrous library!

Second thing, a terrifically detailed review of Now It’s Dark from the editor of Supernatural Tales, David Longhorn. David published one of my earliest stories, “The Last Reel,” and two of the stories included in this book. (Note, there are a couple of perhaps slightly spoilery bits if you’re sensitive to and tend to remember such things.) A comparison to Margaret Atwood? I’ll take it!

You can buy the limited hardcover edition of Now It’s Dark at the Swan River Press website.

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