Guest Critiquer at Your Personal Odyssey Writing Workshop

I will be a guest critiquer at the 2023 Odyssey Writing Workshop, which I attended in person myself waaaay back in the previous century. During the pandemic, this six-week in-person workshop transitioned into an online workshop of varying lengths, tailored to what writers specifically want to work on. This is a wonderful, flexible opportunity wherever you are in the world and whatever other obligations you’re juggling, and it’s a terrific chance to work with former Dell editor Jeanne Cavelos and a slew of professional writers and editors in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I love working with students to improve their writing skills, and I’m really looking forward to this (and to possibly working with YOU!) To find out more about the workshop, the many professionals you’ll have the opportunity to work with there, and how to apply, visit the Odyssey Writing Workshop website. The application deadline is March 13.

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