Writing news from 2022

A quick dash through the top writing news of 2022 to bring us up to date:

-My story “The Dead Ways” appeared in the debut issue of the new magazine Nightmare Abbey, edited by Tom English. It’s available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. It’s a terrific magazine, and if you miss the small print magazines of the last century, you’ll especially love it.

-In September, my story “Chalk. Sea. Sand. Sky. Stone” appeared in the anthology Isolation, edited by Dan Coxon and published by Titan Books, available wherever you like to buy your books.

-Also in September, my story “The Lovers” was published in Great British Horror: The Major Arcana, edited by Steve Shaw and published by Black Shuck Books. No, I didn’t suddenly become British. GBH has a guest foreign writer in each anthology, and I was the guest in 2022’s volume. Get it direct from the publisher or from Amazon.

-My story “The Spirit and the Dust” appeared in issue 50 of Supernatural Tales. In a neat little moment of synchronicity, this was also my 50th published short story.

-I attended ChillerCon in Scarborough, UK, in May 2022, which was supposed to be StokerCon way back in 2020 before the pandemic brought all our lives to a grinding halt. I appeared on several panels, caught up with old friends (and met new ones!), and generally had a wonderful time even though the convention was much scaled down from its original incarnation. Big kudos to organizers Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane along with everyone who worked on and had to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. It ended up being one of the best conventions I’ve ever been to!

-In December, I was part of a reading series on YouTube, this one titled Winter Tales, where I read my short story “The Queen in the Yellow Wallpaper.”

And of course, that brings us to the start of 2023 and the release of my third collection, Now It’s Dark, from Swan River Press. But you can read all about that on its own page.

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