Black Static #76 out now


Just a quick note to say that Black Static #76, the September/October issue, is out now, and includes my column “Notes From the Borderland.” It’s a bit of an odd one as I wrote it in the late spring for the summer issue but that issue got pushed ahead and it is very much about where the world was at the time it was written. I could have done something different for this issue or revised it, but, well, I rather liked it. However, I shall be back on track seasonally speaking with the next issue!

This one also contains fiction from Rhonda Pressley Veit, Lucie McKnight Hardy (whose much-anticipated-by-me book Water Shall Refuse Them is teetering near the top of my to-read pile) (yes I know it came out a year ago, it’s a big pile), Abi Hynes, Tim Cooke, and Stephen Hargadon along with reviews by Gary Couzens, Ralph Robert Moore’s column, and many book reviews. The fabulous cover art is by Richard Wagner, and illustrations inside the magazine are by Wagner, Ben Baldwin, and Vincent Sammy.

Subscribe to Black Static if you love dark fiction! And if that’s not your thing, check out the science fiction in Interzone or the crime fiction in Crimewave.

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