CROOKED HOUSES featured in RUE MORGUE magazine

I’m delighted to report that the Sept/Oct edition of the magazine Rue Morgue (on newsstands September 1) features an article on the anthology Crooked Houses by Dejan Ognjanovic. It’s a terrific little piece that includes remarks from editor Mark Beech and writer Reggie Oliver as well as writer Steve Duffy and me talking about the origins of our stories. Subscribe or buy a copy and support the existence of the all-too-rare print horror journal! (Or, you can get a digital edition if you prefer.)

Crooked Houses has, alas, sold out quickly! However, the editor has said there may be a reprint if interest is shown. So if you missed picking up your copy and have taken to rending your garments and gnashing your teeth as a result of your tardiness, drop a line to and let them know.

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