Laydeez Do Comics again

Just a mad dash through to mention that the report is now up on the second Laydeez Do Comics meetup with illustrations done by Paul Sheridan is up including a bonus photo in the slideshow of me with crazy eyes.  Our guests, Sarah Bracken, Paddy Lynch, and Arja Kajermo were all wonderful. You know what else is wonderful? Seeing a little zine and indie scene grow in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Coming from America, I take zines and indie comics for granted, but here, they’re still very much underground and very much unknown by most people. One of the most heartening things about the zine scene is how much people are still interested in the time-consuming endeavor of making and publishing tactile objects as opposed to just putting things online. I love the Internet and the way people can more easily communicate with others about their interests but I love hardcopy books and zines and comics as well, and it’s wonderful to see them thriving.

Details will be coming in October about the next Laydeez Do Comics meeting, so stay tuned!

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