table of contents: The Moon Will Look Strange

The Moon Will Look Strange final

Here is the final table of contents for my debut short story collection, The Moon Will Look Strange, which will be out at World Fantasy Convention in November (and  possibly a bit before on Kindle; details to come).

Introduction by Steve Rasnic Tem
The Burned House, Original to this collection
No More A-Roving
The Chance Walker
The Moon Will Look Strange
In Death’s Other Kingdom, Original to this collection
These Foolish Things, Original to this collection
Beneath the Drops
These Things We Have Always Known
Different Angels
The Last Reel

You will be able to order the book on Amazon, or, if you’d like a signed copy, you can shoot me an email/comment below and I’ll set one aside at WFC to be mailed to you (pay by PayPal). Let me know, too, if you’d like to buy one at WFC; we are taking a headcount to make sure enough books are brought to the convention.

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