review for “Where the Summer Dwells”

My story “Where the Summer Dwells,” available in the Sept/Oct issue of F&SF, has received glowing reviews from Lois Tilton at Locus and Barbara Melville at Tangent. Melville calls it “dazzling” and “note-perfect.” But perhaps you are not yet convinced you should race out and purchase this issue! Let me remind you that it’s chock-full of excellent fiction by other folks; this issue has novelets by Andy Duncan, Chet Arthur, Richard Lupoff, Albert E. Cowdrey, Ken Liu, and Peter Dickinson and stories by (besides me) Grania Davis, Richard Butner, Michael Alexander, and Rand B. Lee. Plus! A poem by Sophie M. White, the usual assortment of articles and reviews, etc. etc.  That’s a whole lot of reading!

3 thoughts on “review for “Where the Summer Dwells”

  1. I loved this short story and I wasn’t sure I would.

    You told me you wrote atmosphere and context and I tend more towards character and plot – so I approached the story gently.

    Yup – you totally write atmosphere – I could feel the heat and that steady steady slow beat of summer in an old place.

    You also created characters I wanted to know better and a plot that captured me.

    I asked you if this could be the first chapter of a book – and you laughed because you like to leave readers wanting more.

    It worked.

      1. Actually, I should probably add here that I am all about character (in case somebody is reading this and thinks otherwise). In fact, I would say it is probably the most important element to me. Plot, however, is the least interesting and least important in driving a compelling story, to me.

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