The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror

I received my contributor’s copies of The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror this week, which includes my story “The Moon Will Look Strange,” originally published in Black Static.  There are a lot of wonderful stories and authors in this volume, and I’m so pleased to be published alongside them.

6 thoughts on “The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror

  1. Lynda:

    I just spent the day at the laundry reading your stories: “These Things We Have Always Known” in Best New Horror 20 and “The Moon Will Look Strange” in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror. I have to say it took me quite a bit longer to get through the laundry, as I was delightfully distracted by your wonderful writing.

    You wrote elsewhere that American publishers don’t like your work, and that’s unfortunate for all of us American readers. Thank God for editors like Jones and Guran, who have good sense and good taste, because I haven’t read stories as fine as yours in a long time.

    I am a writer of dark stories myself, and it is always inspiring and a bit humbling to discover other writers who do this so well. I wish you the best of luck publishing here in the States, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Tyler Miller

    1. Thank you so much, Tyler. I’m really pleased to hear you enjoyed the stories! I had a quick peek at your blog and see that you also mentioned Steve Duffy’s story, and I recommend seeking his work out in anthologies as well. I’ll take a look at the fiction you’ve posted when I get a chance!

      1. Lynda:

        I’ve been trying to track down more of Steve’s work. I find him in various anthologies, but I’m hoping to order his new collection “Tragic Life Stories” from Ash-Tree Press. Looks like they’ve got a pretty limited print run, though.

        Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m just getting it off the ground, and it’s a lot of lifting. It would be an honor if you read my work. Hopefully you’d find it to your liking.

        Take care.

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