Black Static #16 out now!

Black Static #16, which includes my story “The Moon Will Look Strange,” is out now.  There is also undoubtedly fine fiction by my fellow contributors Mike O’Driscoll, M.G. Preston, Alison J. Littlewood, and Tim Casson, as well as a whole slew of other stuff, including the usual great artwork and an interview with Sarah Pinborough, all of which you can read about at the link above.

US readers sometimes ask me where they can obtain a copy. Some US bookstores stock it (though I know TTA Press in general has had trouble with US distributors in the past), so you could always try your local bookstore, but here are some places to buy it online:

Fantastic Literature Limited takes credit cards.

BBR Online takes PayPal and offline orders.

Fictionwise will eventually have an e-version available, but all magazines produced by TTA Press are so pretty that you should consider buying a hardcopy version.

And finally, the TTA Press store, where you can get a subscription to Black Static, classic British SF magazine Interzone, and/or the awesome crime magazine Crimewave.  (And if you like horror fiction at all, you really should have a sub to Black Static.)

2 thoughts on “Black Static #16 out now!

  1. You are just so awesome, Lynda! I swear that all my favorite stories are Black Static stories. And you’re right: it’s definitely time for me to get a subscription!

    Rock on!

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