nothing is ever finished

I’ve been playing around with this new blog for a little while, learning my way around wordpress, not knowing what kind of links and categories I want to have or what template to use, what’s going to go on the sidebar there and still not really being sure.  Now I’m impatient with fiddling and ready to launch.  So here I am opening shop with the paint not yet dry (stuff not even painted yet, maybe) and the sign’s not been hung and the door doesn’t open or shut right–throw your weight into it, there you go–and there are still lots of boxes sitting around and things on shelves in all the wrong order.  I’d invite you to take a seat but I haven’t unpacked the chairs.  And you might come in a day or a week or a month from now and find everything different from how it was before (but isn’t that always the way?) and come in after that and see it all back as it began.  So this is a work in progress.  Like everything.

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